The Black Hound and Other Stories by Emmanuel Paige

The Black Hound and Other Stories contains thirteen sinister stories that are sure to get under your skin and leave you with a delightful sense of foreboding. Within these tales, a black hound runs out in the road in a near miss hit and run and brings to light a brutal crime of passion. Three friends go on an afternoon fishing trip and find they have trespassed into a deadly situation. Mistaken identity leads to a misfortune at a convenience store. A bank robbing duo pulls a heist and think they have escaped only to find they have ran directly into the realm of madness. After a deadly automobile accident, the sole survivor staggers into a seedy bar with sultry go-go dancers, a motley throng of patrons, and watered down beer. Guitar music played on a guitar purchased at a yard sale summons an admirer who longs to be loved. During a vacation to the Pacific Coast a man learns of a terrifying history surrounding the hotel where he and his wife are staying. An author struggles against writer’s block and eventually creates his ultimate masterpiece. A crow with the ability to speak, warns of an impending disaster. An old man discovers a bee hive and is forever changed by the strange insects residing within. An overworked employee takes out his angst on his boss and the coworkers then takes an early lunch. A pyromaniac falls head over heels for a dark, mysterious woman and meets his fate. Some college kids go out to a cemetery in the woods late one night in search of a ghostly legend. These thirteen stories will surely keep you entertained, perhaps a bit disturbed, and certainly satisfied in the end.

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