Welcome to Stark Raven Press!

Founded in 2008, Stark Raven Press is an independent publisher that specializes in works of fantastic and speculative literature (horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy). Our primary objective is to produce quality books at an affordable price with the avid reader, collector, and investor in mind.

We offer editing for a nominal fee, and layout for both interior pages and cover designs. If you have a book that is print ready, publishing is a snap. We can assist you from start to finish. We make no promises of wealth or fame, and the truth is that you will need to do a lot of work to get your book out into the brick and mortar markets, but we can help. We can get your book formatted for print and eBook (sold on Amazon and Smashwords) quickly and professionally.

Stark Raven Press is not a traditional publisher; we are a hybrid publisher extending into many different areas: self-publication, subsidized publishing, and traditional. We do not pay royalties nor advances in all cases. If we take a great interest in a book and the time and money is available, we may pick up the tab and pay all costs to publish, including royalties; typically, however, we will primarily assist authors with editing and layout, as well as printing for a nominal fee. The author is primarily responsible for the cost of printing books.

The truth is this: there are more writers and books than there are publishers. The odds of getting into any of the bigger paying markets are slim, and that leaves a lot of authors out in the cold, with nowhere to go. That is where SRP comes in. We fill a niche area in publishing, offering authors the possibility to get their book into print with an imprint that doesn’t scream self-published. SRP is a bona fide publisher, so if you choose to publish with us your book will be taken seriously and will have our imprint. If you have exhausted all other markets and feel that you’ve hit a brick wall trying to get your book published, then give us a try. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products.

If you are interested in learning more about our services please use our contact form to request more information.