In Wrath and Fire: 30 Dark Tales

Stark Raven Press proudly presents a new collection of short stories by Emmanuel Paige

In Wrath and Fire: 30 Dark Tales is the latest collection of short stories from author Emmanuel Paige. This is an exceptional collection of short stories, now available at Amazon and other fine retailers. Purchase your copy today and prepare to read 30 dark and suspense filled tales that are sure to delight, thrill, and terrify. If you like stories written by Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Dean Koontz, or Clive Barker, then you should take a look now.

“In Wrath and Fire,” the title story of this collection, is a tale about Ivan Moorhead, a sometime writer of suspense stories and self-published novels, who longs to be rid of his ungrateful wife and live a solitary existence with a successful writing career—when he gets his wish, he finds out it never goes quite as planned. “A Clean Slate,” is the story of Carl Smith, a man on a witness relocation program who is abruptly confronted by a group of town hoods who have no idea the trouble they will conjure up when they discover Carl’s history and nasty reputation. “I Am a Voodoo Zombie” is the story of Derek Morton, a mild-mannered library custodian, who complains one too many times about his noisy neighbor and gets cursed by a Voodoo spell. In “The Redemption of Annabelle Hartman,” retribution comes quickly to two bumbling, petty crooks who bribe an elderly widow and threaten her legacy. “The Recital” is the story of Sonya Emshwiller, a blind woman, who plays the piano during a recital on her eighteenth birthday and escapes captivity to end up in the arms of her one true love, amidst an act of revenge so foul it defies comprehension. “Toadstools,” is the story of Richie Stanton, a bookstore proprietor, who discovers exotic toadstool that thrive on human flesh, propagated through pernicious spores hibernating in the pages of old books. In “The Lavatory Haunt,” Spencer Hawkins, an attorney, meets his fate at the hands of a psychotic troll who resides in the basement of the high-rise building. “To Kill a Spider,” is the tragic story of Travis McGee, a cable installer, who finds out that superstition is real, spiders can be wicked and intrusive, and sometimes it is better to believe than ignore the myths, because it could be a matter of life and death.

This book contains thirty dark tales of terror that examine the existence of superstition, zombies, ghosts, trolls, demons, psychopaths and madness, murderers, lovers, and haters. These stories delve deeply into themes of wickedness and wrath, everlasting fire, rage and hatred, horror and dread, death and murder, eternal love and sweet revenge. Shocking and riveting, these dark and frightening tales come directly from the mind of Emmanuel Paige . . . a place where nightmares are born—and can be found only In Wrath and Fire.

The 30 Stories Inside:

The Swing in the Weeping Willow
The Redemption of Annabelle Hartman
The Recital
Always Keep Your Powder Dry
The Strange Encounter
A Clean Slate
The Other Side of the Door
A Bad Day for Snipes
The Crow’s Nest
Underneath the Bridge
To Kill a Spider
B is for Bully
Dumb and Lucky
In Wrath and Fire
The Hairpin Curve
The Lavatory Haunt
Bring Back Your Dead
The Woodland Trail
Bag Lady
What Keeps You Alive
The Highline
Sasquatch Hunters Inc.
The Halloween Tableau
Turn Me Off, Dead Man
Road Rage Revenge
I Am a Voodoo Zombie
The Cult of the Elder Race
Uncle Melvin’s Jacket