The Price for Insurrection

“Roofy,” the story of Rich Stewart, an art instructor at Indiana University in Bloomington, who moves his family into their dream home only to discover that the neighbors have a strange, vicious dog named Roofy that is a genetically modified rendition of their original pet, a brindle American boxer, reproduced in a perpetual cycle for generations, each version more temperamental, unstable, and ferocious than that last, and after it mauls and kills the Stewart family’s cat . . . it decides to come for the humans next.

“The Red Couch,” the story of an English teacher and novelist, Tyler Montgomery, who crashes his car and develops ESP and has visions of woman getting abducted and forced into the sex industry while Janette Mary Finch, a headstrong detective with the Seattle Police Department, attempts to bring the lecherous pimps, perverts, and kingpins to justice, and it all centers around a red couch that keeps showing up in the videos.

“Stony Peak,” the story of Nicole Freemont, a photographer on assignment for National Geographic, as she is involved in a plane crash in the remote wilderness of Alaska, and she and the other survivors, her constant companion Dillan and her assistant Trevor, wind up being rescued by a crazed recluse, Clive Stokes, a retired police officer, who should be their savior but winds up being their one-way ticket straight into a hellish nightmare.

“Drawn and Quartered,” a story of a dystopian future, in Seattle in the year 2112, where a fascist government has taken control and the wealthy and elite live lavishly as the common folk live in squalor and must fight to stay alive. Chance Thornton, and a group of elite computer hackers hide away in the caverns underground the city, working to bring down the exploitative governmental system, and anyone caught aiding these rebels will be executed in public, a spectacle broadcast live across the media, sentenced to death by the old fashioned method of drawing and quartering with blades and saws, pulled apart by chains and motorcycles to set an example for all to see the price of insurrection.