We are looking for well-written fiction novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry that defy classification, break all the rules, set new standards, know no boundaries, and does not fit nicely into any particular nook or cranny. We publish speculative fiction which incorporates themes of horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy; however, any story is welcome as long as it is unique and distinctive. We will publish any genre if it is well written, and we are also interested in great non-fiction and poetry as well.

We read a lot of stories and time is limited, so grab us from the first word and keep us interested until the last, surprising us with new and insightful twists and turns and ideas. Don’t forget about the perplexing “human condition” and the need for characters to be affected by the outcome of your story. Something important must depend on the outcome or the suspense, anticipation, and desire to continue reading are lost. If you have written a book and are looking for a publisher, perhaps Stark Raven Press can serve your needs.

All submissions are welcome, but must adhere to standard manuscript format in Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins all around the page. We are not fascists about this, but please do not send manuscripts with off colors, script, or all caps in the text. Submitting a story and paying the submission fee does not guarantee acceptance or publication. We will respond as soon as possible, no less than 90 days, and you can check your submission status in our support ticket system at any time. We look forward to reading your stories and novels and finding the best authors to publish in printed books and eBooks under our imprint. We hope you will choose us as your publisher and we extend a warm welcome to all prospective authors.

Submission Lengths:

Poetry (a single poem) between 14 and 112 lines.
Short story (or novelette) between 1,500 – 12,500 words.
Novella or poetry collection between 17,500 – 40,000 words.
Novel or short story collection between 60,000 – 100,000 words.

These word counts are not hard and fast, however, if a work is excessively large for its category we will still consider it for publication and the payments can be calculated accordingly, although the above pay rates are the normal averages to be expected. For novels, short story collections, and poetry collections the more words the better. It is hard to fit an author’s name on the spine of a thin book, and we like to publish thick books.


  • A typical poem will pay $5 upon acceptance (to be published in an anthology) with 2.5% royalty on all sales.
  • A typical short story (to be published in an anthology) will pay $10 upon acceptance with 2.5% royalty on all sales.
  • A typical novella will pay $20 upon acceptance with 5% royalty on all sales.
  • A typical novel, collection of short stories, or poetry will pay $100 upon acceptance and 50% royalty on all sales.


Stark Raven Press requires the following rights upon agreement to publish a work (story or poem) by any author who sends a submission to us for consideration:

  • Exclusive rights (a term of one year)
  • Electronic rights (eBooks, PDF, HTML, etc.)
  • First serial rights (no previously published works)
  • Worldwide rights (we publish worldwide)

What does this mean for authors and their work? We require exclusive, electronic, worldwide first serial rights. This allows us to publish the work for the first time in print and digital formats exclusively, worldwide. After we publish the work the rights revert back to the author (you never give up the rights to your story, we just ask for exclusivity while we publish it). If you have any question please feel free to use our contact form or your ticket submission to communicate with us directly. A contract will be drafted and signed between all parties in agreement before publishing, and all the applicable legal forms will be presented in writing to each contributor.

Thank you for stopping by and considering Stark Raven Press as you future book publisher. We look forward to working with you and seeing your books in print. Please use our contact form if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful day!